Hiring a MACWIC certified applicant means hiring with increased confidence.

Applied Manufacturing Technology Pathway Certification

The MACWIC Applied Manufacturing Technology Pathway is an advanced manufacturing certification and credentialing system. Dedicated to supporting manufacturing growth initiatives, this evaluation process enables employers to match candidates with the right competencies for each position – and reduce hiring costs in the process.

This program is designed and influenced by industry leaders, implemented and monitored by an organization with a deep knowledge of the industry, and utilizes existing regional: vocational-technical high schools, community colleges, private and semi-private organizations to deliver training.

More people with the right skills.
MACWIC certified means that applicants have demonstrated their overall competency in the core skill areas listed below by achieving an average score of 85% or higher during proctored MACWIC Level 1 and/or Level 2 validation tests.

In many shops these are the basic skills a new hire needs to succeed. For manufacturers, getting a sense of which candidates truly understand these basics can be tough. To address this, machine technology training programs throughout the state have partnered with the MACWIC to provide standardized industry-developed AND industry-recognized competency-based validation testing.


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