Five years ago, a small group of solution-minded Massachusetts manufacturers and industry leaders compared notes about various business challenges each was facing. While their production needs were diverse and their products couldn’t have been more different, they all quickly realized that their workforce struggles were very similar.

Already feeling the effects of a rapidly growing skills gap and determined to affect change, this group of “manufacturing vigilantes” reached out to their peers and partners, steadily increasing in both size and synergy. Before long, this group became known simply as “The MACWIC.”

They soon formed the foundation for a skilled workforce pathway certification, specifically designed to increase the number of work-ready candidates with demonstrated competencies in the basic skills manufacturers need most.

Applied Manufacturing Technology Pathway Certification

Today, the MACWIC is a vital workforce development resource for its more than 225 member companies, who combined represent over 27,000 employees and over 20% of all manufacturing revenue in the state.

“When I hire a MACWIC certified employee, I have a greater level of confidence in their potential, because they’ve already proven they have the basic technical skills necessary to succeed.”

Diane Ferrera, Director of Human Resources
AccuRounds, Avon, MA

As Steering Committee Chair, I would encourage you to take advantage of the many resources and networking opportunities afforded members of the MACWIC. The MACWIC meetings provide an opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact on your business future and the future of Advanced Manufacturing in Massachusetts. It goes without saying that the most effective way of getting involved in the MACWIC is to, well…get involved! We’re always looking for new ideas and/or different perspectives to keep our program offerings and events fresh and relevant to the needs of our members.

Thomas A. Wesley
Chair, MACWIC Steering Committee

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