The Challenges

In Massachusetts manufacturing is growing; today manufacturers in the state generate more than $43 billion in revenue. However, manufacturers throughout the state consistently cannot find qualified workers to fill existing jobs.

According to the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership, 7,000 Massachusetts manufacturers report the same obstacle: finding employees with the aptitude, knowledge, skills and training to do today’s manufacturing job. Over the next ten years a wave of retirements from the “baby boomer” generation will create almost 100,000 manufacturing job vacancies.

The Solution: Manufacturing Advancment Center Workforce Innovation Collaborative

Understanding the challenge, the Manufacturing Advancement Center Workforce Innovation Collaborative (MACWIC) was created as a statewide focal point for employer-led workforce training and development initiatives. Started in February 2012, the mission of the MACWIC is to preserve manufacturing knowledge and to execute the transfer of knowledge and critical skills to the current and future workforce. This will be done through the development of relevant deployable curriculum in partnership with Workforce Training Providers, Vocational Technical High Schools, Community Colleges and Universities.

The MACWIC is made up of partners including manufacturers and education/technical training providers. This includes more than 200 members with over 26,000 employees that bring in over $8.4 billion in revenue to the state. Partners of the Collaborative have signed a Memorandum of Agreement that confirms active membership and they participate in quarterly collaborative meetings and sub-committee meetings. Crucial information on the manufacturing industry, including data trends in job growth, technology and other business-related issues are also provided by the partners.

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