LearnCNC™ for Lathes & Milling Machines

Online Learning Courses and Virtual 3D CNC Machine
CNC online courses provide the learner with comprehensive learning content, interactive exercises and virtual CNC panels and 3D machines.

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CourseTotal LessonsEstimated Time
Total Estimated Time: 61.5 hours
Course Introduction
This course is an introduction to the Virtual Training Environment (VTE) and related terms.
430 minutes
Safety for Machining33 hours
Shop Mathematics Level I55 hours
Shop Mathematics Level II45 hours
Reading Manufacturing Blueprints88 hours
Precision Measurement Devices34 hours
Machinist Calc Pro
Advanced Machining Math and Reference Tool - Digital versions of the Machinist Calc User's Guide and Product Specification Sheet are available in the course resources.
53 hours
Speeds and Feeds33 hours
CNC Lathe Setup 88 hours
CNC Lathe Programming66 hours
3-Axis CNC Milling Machine Setup 88 hours
3-Axis CNC Milling Machine Programming88 hours
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