Employer-led workforce solutions


MACWIC is the statewide focal point for employer-led workforce training initiatives. The purpose of MACWIC is to preserve manufacturing tribal knowledge and to execute the transfer of knowledge and critical skills to the current and future workforce.

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The Applied Manufacturing Technology Pathway Certification is a standard instruction set and evaluation process, which is continuously improved. Employers can readily understand the skill set of an applicant, reducing the cost of hire.

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Apprenticeships and On-the-Job Training (OJT) are still the most popular methods of training but, without a formal program, are not the most efficient or cost effective method. With a structured program, employees receive consistent and effective training regardless of who trains them.

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Networking is the key to success in business. Relationship building and networking help you find customers and recruit talent. MACWIC provides the venue for like-minded business people to create and capitalize on business opportunities.

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